Join the Blood Bowl League!

Join the Blood Bowl League!

We're thrilled to announce that our Blood Bowl League has kicked off with an incredible 19 coaches on board! 19 passionate players from both Nicosia and Limassol have joined the league to pit their wits and teams against each other in a frenzy of fantasy football.

A Clash of Teams

Our coaches have brought a diverse range of teams to the pitch! From the bloodthirsty Khorne devotees to the foul Nurgle and Chosen of Chaos Undivided, the resilient Imperial Nobility, nimble Elves and their crafty dark kin, the fearsome Undeads and Necromantic Horrors, the unstoppable Lizardmen, mischievous Goblins, sturdy Dwarves, brawling Norse, and the dangerous Vampires - our league is a carnival of chaos, strategy, and sheer fun!

League App 

A custom-made league app is available for all our players! It takes team management to a whole new level! You can create unique team logos, name your players, share pictures of your squad, and keep tabs on your win-loss record. And you have all the rules available to you in one place. Plan your future matches with precision and style!

Epic Prizes Await 

But that's not all! We have fantastic prizes in store, from team boxes to star players and dice sets. It's not just about victory on the field; it's about the loot you take home!

The Road to Glory

Our top 4 players from each division will battle it out in an epic playoff showdown for the title of National Champion of Cyprus. Do you have what it takes to seize the crown?

League Merch Alert

Gear up in style! League merchandise is on the horizon, so you can represent your team with pride both on and off the pitch.

Join the League Today

Missed the initial kickoff? Fear not! There's still time to join the league and be part of this thrilling Blood Bowl adventure. Whether you're a seasoned coach or new to the game, there's a place for you in our league.

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