About WARP

WARP Gaming is a steadily growing community of gamers at heart, who created a safe space for like-minded, passionate hobbyists to get together.
Our community strives to reach out to people in Limassol, and across the island, and connect them to others who are ready to game. We are open to play anything, and have already put together a kick-ass portfolio of games.

We were but a mere five combatants, comrades in arms, getting together weekly to play Dungeons and Dragons. The time spent on our quest was long and arduous, but we quickly realised we enjoyed having a regular time to play. So, we asked ourselves, why not dedicate a little more time to get into all the other games we also wanted to play? So we did just that, and before we knew it, we had a budding community.

Now, we continue our adventure and seek any and all who would join us on our quest! Will you join us too?