Team Cyprus competing at the World team championships for Warhammer 40k

Team Cyprus are going to The WH40K World Team Championship!

A handful of WARPGaming's very own are attending The World Team Championship, the annual singles and team tournament for Warhammer 40,000! The below members will be competing against national teams from across the planet to be crowned as World Champions.

The 8-player team of Cyprus - appropriately named: Team Cyprus - will travel to :flag_be: Belgium and compete at world level for the very first time. We expect a fantastic experience and solid competitive gameplay, all the while joining the effort to connect and share our passion for the game.

Let's go Team Cyprus!

The Team

Team Cyprus World Team Championship for Warhammer 40k

Team Leader

77 Mushroomcloud (competing)

Team Members

03 Nick (competing)
04 Apothecary
08 Brother Chaplain
11 TJ Dreamer (competing)
14 Warmaster (competing) 
17 Primordial Truth (competing)
42 Mac (competing)
69 Nihilus (competing) 
87 Legohead (competing)

WTC 2023 will be held over the course of 6 days, with 4 different tournament series. You can check out the schedules and keep track of how the tournament pans out through the official website:

World Team Championship Logo

Thanks again to everyone for being a part of the WARP. Game on!

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