Upcoming Events - March&April!

Upcoming Events - March&April!

Greetings friends and gamers! It is our pleasure to announce the upcoming events for the next month-ish!

Wednesday Game Nights

All Wednesdays confirmed up to April 5th. 

As usual, Wednesday Game Nights are free of charge, open to all, and we can play whatever games everyone wants. We generally try and organise games beforehand, so if you feel like gathering people to play a specific game, go ahead and mention it in the chat, and our Community Leaders will do their best to assist you :)


Is your army ready?

Sunday March 26th

Point of contact: Vlad

Warhammer Day is a gathering of enthusiasts from across the island. Matchups are made and battled over the course of the day. Is your army ready?

Find Your Next Opponent

WARPGaming is home to the largest wargaming community in Cyprus. Gather your troops, prepare your armies for battle and become a member to secure your spot in weekly community events.

Mission Briefing

  • Sign ups are required to ensure matchups are made properly, and there is good and plenty of space for players to navigate.
  • Groups and matchups may be organized and decided on before or on the day.
  • Tables and chairs are provided.
  • Food & drink may be arranged as a group effort or be brought in from elsewhere, but is not provided.
  • Spectators are welcome.

    Warhammer is a table-top wargaming strategic battle game (that took us ages to agree on) that is played with an army or set of armies of miniatures. Beginners and players of all levels are encouraged to familiarise themselves with how it's played to ensure a productive experience on the day.

    D&D Day

    A day of many fantastic adventures!

    Sunday April 9th

    Point of contact: @Mike

    • Sign ups are required to ensure there is good and plenty of space for players to navigate.
    • Food & drink may be arranged as a group effort, but is not included.
    • Groups will be formed and set up with comfortable tables and chairs.
    • DM's are predetermined, experienced and lots of fun!

    D&D is a table-top role-playing adventure game (we argued for days on this one) which is completely playable and enjoyable for everyone. The game has no minimum requirements, so we have no minimum requirements either. Beginners are welcome, and encouraged, because it spreads the game and grows awareness for it.


    Both Sunday events will have a 5EUR entrance fee on the door to cover venue costs, thank you for your understanding :)


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