WARPStorm Over Cyprus W40k Grand Tournament Tickets On Sale Soon!

WARPStorm Over Cyprus W40k Grand Tournament Tickets On Sale Soon!

The time to crown the very first WARPGaming Warhammer Singles champion is almost here. The WARPStorm Over Cyprus Grand Tournament is officially scheduled and kicking off at the Keypack Ltd warehouse in Ypsonas, Limassol from November 18th to 19th! The tournament will take place over two days of battles, where competitors will visit from island and abroad to face off against each other.

Tickets will go live on Monday 18th September at 1 p.m. UTC+3 (Cyprus local time), and we'll provide a link on WARPGaming social channels and Discord when it's ready to go!

To help let off steam between games, the event will also feature lots of fun activities and plenty of prizes to be won for factors like 'best painted mini' as well as prizes for runner-ups of the tournament.

Date: November 18th - November 19 2023
Location: Keypack LTD, Ypsonas, Limassol - Get Directions
Entry: 40 - Purchase now

To compete, you'll need to register your attendance first. You can do that now on the event website

Please make sure to provide your list through Best Coast Pairings (can also be downloaded as an app).

So mark the date to the Dark Gods, amass your legions, and meet us and many others in the grimdark battlefields of the far future!

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